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Natalie McGarry 
Scottish National Party Score total: -16 (-57%)

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Vote Date Voted

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill01 Feb 2017No   

Article 50 and the Plan for Brexit07 Dec 2016No   

Referendum, 23rd June 201623 Jun 2016Remain   

European Union Referendum Bill – Establish a long purdah period07 Sep 2015Aye   

An attempt to remove purdah from the referendum campaign07 Sep 2015No   

European Union Referendum Bill – Allowing EU nationals to vote07 Sep 2015Aye   

European Union Referendum Bill – 3rd Reading07 Sep 2015No   

European Union Referendum Bill – Requiring a report on consequences of leaving07 Sep 2015Aye   

Applying purdah to the EU debate16 Jun 2015Aye   

European Union Referendum Bill – 2nd Reading09 Jun 2015No   
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