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David Miliband 
Labour Score total: -6 (-14%)

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Vote Date Voted

Vote on cutting EU spending: European Framework Financing31 Oct 2012Aye   

Motion responding to an EU review of UK economic policy & seeking assurances that EU sanctions would not apply for economic measures27 Jun 2012Did not vote   

Government decision not to opt-out of data sharing within the EU for criminal justice purposes24 Apr 2012Did not vote   

Debate on the Prime Minister's veto of an EU 'fiscal treaty'13 Dec 2011No   

EU referendum vote24 Oct 2011No   

International Monetary Fund (Increase in Subscription)18 Jul 2011Did not vote   

Hostile amendment to Mark Reckless' motion to halt EU bailouts24 May 2011Did not vote   

Treaty amendment establishing the European Stability Mechanism23 Mar 2011Did not vote   

United Kingdom Parliamentary Sovereignty Bill18 Mar 2011Did not vote   

UK contributions to the European Stability Mechanism09 Feb 2011Did not vote   

The right to a referendum on EU membership if the majority of those voting on a treaty oppose its ratification01 Feb 2011Did not vote   

Preventing the expansion of EU law over Justice and Home Affairs26 Jan 2011Did not vote   

Stopping the Government adding to the Eurozone bailouts25 Jan 2011Did not vote   

An attempt to limit the areas where transfers of power trigger a referendum25 Jan 2011Did not vote   

More Parliamentary scrutiny and control over when there should be a referendum24 Jan 2011Did not vote   

Affirming the Sovereignty of the UK Parliament11 Jan 2011Did not vote   

Ireland bailout payment15 Dec 2010Aye   

Referendum lock (European Union Bill)07 Dec 2010No   

Vote on EU Economic Governance10 Nov 2010Did not vote   

Motion to stop an increase in Britain’s EU budget contribution13 Oct 2010Did not vote   

EU External Action Service14 Jul 2010Did not vote   
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