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The Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the European Union and, above all, against the emergence of a centralised EU state.
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Who are the best and worst MPs?
The Bruges Group has ranked Members of Parliament according to their voting in the House of Commons since the 2010 General Election You can check how they voted on the key EU related issues that came before them and see who are the genuine Eurosceptics and who are Europhile. You can also let your Member of Parliament know what you think of their voting record.
Is your MP one of the best or one of the worst MPs? Find your MP via your postcode

In important votes in the House of Commons if an MP votes to protect or preserve Britain’s democracy and economy from EU interference they are awarded a score of plus 2. If the MP votes in a way that harms our freedom, prosperity and sovereignty the MP receives a vote of minus 2. In the face of pressure from the Whips acting on behalf of their pro-EU leadership an abstention receives a score of plus 1. In the referendum of 23rd June 2016 if your MP supported Leave, they are awarded 10 points. If, however, they supported Remain then a score of minus 10 will be applied.

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Bob Ainsworth -20%Labour
Danny Alexander -18%Liberal Democrat
Douglas Alexander -24%Labour
Graham Allen -20%Labour
David Anderson -15%Labour
Caroline Ansell 57%Conservative
James Arbuthnot -20%Conservative
Richard Arkless -50%Scottish National Party
William Bain -24%Labour
Norman Baker -38%Liberal Democrat
Tony Baldry -11%Conservative
Ed Balls -4%Labour (Co-op)
Gordon Banks -13%Labour
Gregory Barker -20%Conservative
Gavin Barwell -15%Conservative
Hugh Bayley -22%Labour
Anne Begg -18%Labour
Alan Beith -29%Liberal Democrat
Stuart Bell -14%Labour
Joe Benton -13%Labour
James Berry -21%Conservative
Andrew Bingham 25%Conservative
Brian Binley 36%Conservative
Gordon Birtwistle -33%Liberal Democrat
Nicola Blackwood -22%Conservative
Hazel Blears -7%Labour
Tom Blenkinsop -20%Labour
David Blunkett -18%Labour
Victoria Borwick 57%Conservative
Phil Boswell -57%Scottish National Party
Angie Bray -7%Conservative
Julian Brazier 2%Conservative
Annette Brooke -36%Liberal Democrat
Russell Brown -16%Labour
Gordon Brown -7%Labour
Jeremy Browne -38%Liberal Democrat
Malcolm Bruce -36%Liberal Democrat
Aidan Burley 4%Conservative
Andy Burnham -15%Labour
Simon Burns -8%Conservative
David Burrowes 10%Conservative
Paul Burstow -40%Liberal Democrat
Lorely Burt -31%Liberal Democrat
Dan Byles 2%Conservative
David Cairns -6%Labour
David Cameron -21%Conservative
Menzies Campbell -42%Liberal Democrat
Neil Carmichael -14%Conservative
Douglas Carswell 75%UKIP
Martin Caton -16%Labour
James Clappison 42%Conservative
Katy Clark -20%Labour
Tom Clarke -16%Labour
Nick Clegg -22%Liberal Democrat
Oliver Colvile -17%Conservative
Michael Connarty -13%Labour
Jo Cox -33%Labour
Mike Crockart -33%Liberal Democrat
Tony Cunningham -18%Labour
Margaret Curran -16%Labour
Simon Danczuk -19%Labour
Alistair Darling -18%Labour
Ian Davidson 7%Labour (Co-op)
Byron Davies -14%Conservative
James Davies 57%Conservative
Nick de Bois 24%Conservative
John Denham -11%Labour
Jim Dobbin -10%Labour (Co-op)
Frank Dobson -7%Labour
Thomas Docherty -22%Labour
Pat Doherty -13%Sinn Féin
Stuart Donaldson -57%Scottish National Party
Brian H Donohoe -18%Labour
Frank Doran -18%Labour
Stephen Dorrell -16%Conservative
Jim Dowd -25%Labour
Gemma Doyle -16%Labour (Co-op)
Flick Drummond -14%Conservative
Michael Dugher -12%Labour
Mark Durkan -37%Social Democratic and Labour Party
Tom Elliott -14%UUP
Jane Ellison -14%Conservative
Natascha Engel -7%Labour
Jonathan Evans -11%Conservative
Graham Evans -12%Conservative
Lynne Featherstone -20%Liberal Democrat
Margaret Ferrier -57%Scottish National Party
Rob Flello -19%Labour
Don Foster -40%Liberal Democrat
Hywel Francis -16%Labour
Lorraine Fullbrook -9%Conservative
Richard Fuller 7%Conservative
George Galloway 4%Respect
Edward Garnier -22%Conservative
Andrew George -33%Liberal Democrat
Stephen Gilbert -33%Liberal Democrat
Sheila Gilmore -20%Labour
Pat Glass -20%Labour
Paul Goggins -19%Labour
Tom Greatrex -18%Labour (Co-op)
Ben Gummer -20%Conservative
William Hague 16%Conservative
Peter Hain -13%Labour
Duncan Hames -38%Liberal Democrat
David Hamilton -18%Labour
Mike Hancock -13%Liberal Democrat
Harry Harpham 14%Labour
Tom Harris -7%Labour
Nick Harvey -33%Liberal Democrat
Alan Haselhurst -10%Conservative
Dai Havard -11%Labour
David Heath -38%Liberal Democrat
John Hemming -27%Liberal Democrat
Charles Hendry -16%Conservative
David Heyes -4%Labour
Julie Hilling -33%Labour
Mark Hoban -31%Conservative
Jim Hood -13%Labour
Kris Hopkins -12%Conservative
Martin Horwood -42%Liberal Democrat
Gerald Howarth 31%Conservative
Ben Howlett -21%Conservative
Simon Hughes -36%Liberal Democrat
Chris Huhne -50%Liberal Democrat
Tristram Hunt -22%Labour
Mark Hunter -42%Liberal Democrat
Julian Huppert -42%Liberal Democrat
Eric Illsley -13%Labour
Huw Irranca-Davies -26%Labour
Glenda Jackson -11%Labour
Stewart Jackson 32%Conservative
Siân James -9%Labour
Cathy Jamieson -24%Labour (Co-op)
Alan Johnson -14%Labour
Tessa Jowell -16%Labour
Eric Joyce -4%Labour
Gerald Kaufman -20%Labour
Alan Keen 0%Labour (Co-op)
Chris Kelly 53%Conservative
Charles Kennedy -18%Liberal Democrat
George Kerevan -57%Scottish National Party
Calum Kerr -57%Scottish National Party
Sadiq Khan -17%Labour
Danny Kinahan -14%UUP
Simon Kirby -14%Conservative
Andrew Lansley -7%Conservative
David Laws -36%Liberal Democrat
Mark Lazarowicz -20%Labour (Co-op)
Jessica Lee -2%Conservative
John Leech -29%Liberal Democrat
Charlotte Leslie 5%Conservative
Peter Lilley 14%Conservative
Elfyn Llwyd -31%Plaid Cymru
Naomi Long -38%Alliance of Northern Ireland
Andrew Love -18%Labour (Co-op)
Peter Luff -4%Conservative
Karen Lumley 0%Conservative
David Mackintosh -14%Conservative
Mary Macleod -9%Conservative
Denis MacShane -23%Labour
Fiona Mactaggart -19%Labour
Rob Marris -7%Labour
Tania Mathias -14%Conservative
Francis Maude -13%Conservative
Callum McCaig -50%Scottish National Party
Michael McCann -22%Labour
Jason McCartney 51%Conservative
Karl McCartney 41%Conservative
Gregg McClymont -20%Labour
Alasdair McDonnell -20%Social Democratic and Labour Party
Natalie McGarry -57%Scottish National Party
Jim McGovern -18%Labour
Martin McGuinness 0%Sinn Féin
Anne McGuire -16%Labour
Anne McIntosh -13%Conservative
Ann McKechin -20%Labour
Iain McKenzie -24%Labour
Anne McLaughlin -57%Scottish National Party
Michael Meacher -15%Labour
Alan Meale -15%Labour
Louise Mensch -50%Conservative
Patrick Mercer -17%Conservative
Alun Michael -18%Labour (Co-op)
David Miliband -14%Labour
Andrew Miller -20%Labour
Austin Mitchell 13%Labour
Paul Monaghan -57%Scottish National Party
Michael Moore -31%Liberal Democrat
Graeme Morrice -20%Labour
Stephen Mosley -7%Conservative
David Mowat -15%Conservative
George Mudie -24%Labour
Greg Mulholland -34%Liberal Democrat
Roger Mullin -57%Scottish National Party
Meg Munn -7%Labour (Co-op)
Tessa Munt -33%Liberal Democrat
Jim Murphy -18%Labour
Conor Murphy 0%Sinn Féin
Paul Murphy -18%Labour
Pamela Nash -13%Labour
Brooks Newmark -33%Conservative
John Nicolson -57%Scottish National Party
David Nuttall 88%Conservative
Eric Ollerenshaw -27%Conservative
Sarah Olney -100%Liberal Democrat
Sandra Osborne -13%Labour
George Osborne -5%Conservative
Kirsten Oswald -57%Scottish National Party
Richard Ottaway -11%Conservative
Stephen O`Brien -7%Conservative
Fiona O`Donnell -16%Labour (Co-op)
James Paice -20%Conservative
Sarah Park No votes
 Liberal Democrat
Steven Paterson -57%Scottish National Party
Eric Pickles -17%Conservative
Dawn Primarolo 0%Labour
John Pugh -39%Liberal Democrat
John Randall -18%Conservative
Nick Raynsford -20%Labour
Mark Reckless 67%UKIP
Jamie Reed -15%Labour
Simon Reevell 31%Conservative
Alan Reid -38%Liberal Democrat
Malcolm Rifkind -16%Conservative
Linda Riordan -9%Labour (Co-op)
Margaret Ritchie -24%Social Democratic and Labour Party
Andrew Robathan -29%Conservative
Hugh Robertson -9%Conservative
John Robertson -16%Labour
Angus Robertson -20%Scottish National Party
Dan Rogerson -40%Liberal Democrat
Stephen Philip Rotheram -18%Labour
Lindsay Roy -18%Labour
Frank Roy -13%Labour
Joan Ruddock -22%Labour
David Ruffley 7%Conservative
Bob Russell -31%Liberal Democrat
Alex Salmond -57%Scottish National Party
Adrian Sanders -27%Liberal Democrat
Laura Sandys -13%Conservative
Anas Sarwar -18%Labour
Andy Sawford -26%Labour (Co-op)
Lee Scott -16%Conservative
Alison Seabeck -16%Labour
Tasmina Sheikh -57%Scottish National Party
Richard Shepherd 62%Conservative
Jim Sheridan -16%Labour
Mark Simmonds -16%Conservative
Marsha Singh 0%Labour
Andrew Smith -14%Labour
Robert Smith -31%Liberal Democrat
Amanda Solloway -14%Conservative
Peter Soulsby -25%Labour
John Stanley -18%Conservative
Jack Straw -20%Labour
Gisela Stuart 15%Labour
Andrew Stunell -36%Liberal Democrat
Gerry Sutcliffe -18%Labour
Ian Swales -31%Liberal Democrat
Peter Tapsell 27%Conservative
Sarah Teather -16%Liberal Democrat
Owen Thompson -57%Scottish National Party
Michelle Thomson -57%Scottish National Party
Mike Thornton -30%Liberal Democrat
John Thurso -29%Liberal Democrat
Edward Timpson -14%Conservative
Andrew Turner 76%Conservative
Andrew Tyrie -19%Conservative
Paul Uppal -16%Conservative
Joan Walley -11%Labour
Robert Walter -13%Conservative
David Ward -38%Liberal Democrat
Angela Watkinson -7%Conservative
Dave Watts -16%Labour
Mike Weatherley 1%Conservative
Steve Webb -38%Liberal Democrat
Michael Weir -25%Scottish National Party
James Wharton 7%Conservative
Chris White -17%Conservative
Eilidh Whiteford -19%Scottish National Party
Malcolm Wicks -11%Labour
David Willetts -29%Conservative
Roger Williams -36%Liberal Democrat
Stephen Williams -36%Liberal Democrat
Mark Williams -29%Liberal Democrat
Craig Williams -14%Conservative
Jenny Willott -33%Liberal Democrat
Rob Wilson -15%Conservative
Corri Wilson -50%Scottish National Party
David Winnick -14%Labour
Mike Wood 4%Labour
Shaun Woodward -7%Labour
Iain Wright -15%Labour
Simon Wright -40%Liberal Democrat
David Wright -18%Labour
Tim Yeo -27%Conservative
George Young -18%Conservative
297 entries listed